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Hotels and Lodgings


In St. Augustine there are a lot of hotels, hostels, guest houses and residences for the accommodation of tourists, these vary according to taste, location, services, quality and costs.

It is important to make a good choice, I hope to visit previously reviewed for their services and their quality is not good let go of vendors offering cheaper servicesdiscrediting other hotels, these people misrepresent information and security speculate,everything to gain customers at any cost, one option is to approach the municipal tourist office located on the premises of the police, there would be receiving information and varied. Here we have chosen some lodgings for selection.


Hostal Alto de los Andaquies

Coffee farm with three country houses that serve as a lookout with a beautiful landscape, surrounded by gardens and quiet, with comfortable rooms with private bathroom and hot water, TV, restaurant and bar, cafe to taste free barbecue.

Located 1 km from the village lane via New Zealand, via alternative to the archaeological park.

Cel: +57 3124447368 - +57 3166356006


Hostal Anacaona

Beautiful country home, where stands the wooden structure with rustic finishes, surrounded by beautiful gardens, comfortable rooms with hot water, restaurant and bar.

Via the tablon 2 kilometer

Tel: 8379390

Finca El Cielo

Hermosa casa diseñada en guadua, con 4 comodas habitaciones con baño privado y agua caliente.

3 Km Via al estrecho

Hotel Yalconia

Via al Parque arqueologico


San Agustín Hotel Internacional

Cra 19 entre Clle 1ª y 3ª


R.N.T: 15685 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hostal Huaka-Yo

500 mts contiguo Parque. Arqueológico vía Mesitas

TELÉFONO: 3208469763 -3143586144

Hostal Pachamama

Vereda Nueva Zelanda, via alterna parque arqueologico

Cel: 3204934107 - 3134188107  
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Finca El Maco
311 271 48 02
Hotel Central
Clle 3 No. 10-32

Hotel Colonial
Clle 3 No. 11-25

Finca Palo Alto

Km 1, via Obando Estrecho del Magdalena.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Teléfono: +57 88 373-089
Celular: +57 311 222-1198

Hospedaje Valladolid
Clle 5 No. 23-88
La Casa de Nelly
Vía la Estrella
Casa del Sol Naciente
Vía a la Antigua
311 5876464

En venta (For sale)
Casa del sol naciente Casa del sol naciente
Hospedaje CAMBI DIRECCIÓN: Cra. 13 N° 3-369 TELÉFONO: Cel: 310-7824957
Cabañas Pare y Coma
Clle 5 No. 23-73
Cabañas Las Moyas
Clle 5 Cra 25 Via piscina municipal
Residencias Menezú
Cra 15 No. 4-74

Camping San Agustín

Vía al Parque Arqueológico


El Cacique

Calle 5 No. 23 - 15

Tel: 8373739

Posada Campesina
Vía al Tablón
Hospedaje El Jardín
Cra 11 - Clle 4 Esq.


Hotel Americano (3 estrellas)
Cr 5 8-67 - Neiva
(57) (8) 8713030

Sulicam Hotel (3 estrellas)
Cra. 3a. 5-51 - Neiva

Hosteria Matamundo
Carrera 5 Salida Al Sur Neiva

+57.8 8730202

Hotel Dinastia Real
Carrera 4 No. 9-43 Neiva

+57.8 8711940

Hotel Neiva Plaza
Calle 7 No. 4-62 Neiva

+57.8 8710806

Hotel Tumburagua
Cra. 5 A No. 5-40 Neiva

+57.8 8712406

Hotel Pacande
Calle 10 No. 4-39 Neiva

+57.8 8711766

Hotel Casa Pablo
Calle 5 No. 12-45 Altico Neiva

+57.8 8723100

Cl 6 2-57 Neiva

+57.8 8723100 (57) (88) 8713430

Villa Clarita
calle 8A # 5A - 24 - RIVERA